New Generation of Reference Standard

Scientific Cooperations & Projects
  • FutureGrid: Non-conventional voltage and current sensors for future power grids (ENG61), 2014-2017. Funded by the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP). As subcontractor to the Slovak Metrological Institute.

  • Intelligent Technologies Competence Centre for computerisation and informatisation of systems and services (ITMS Code: 24240220072), 2011-2015. Funded by: OP Research and Development, Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports, SR. Funding: €524,875.

  • Research, development and utilization of current sensor for the measurement and evaluation of quantitative and qualitative parameters of supply and consumption of electric energy (APVV-0545-07), 2008-2010. Funded by the Slovak Research and Development Agency. Funding: €63,766.

  • Microwave application of three-terminal thermoelectric power converter (NATO Sfp-974172) 1999-2003. Funded by: NATO Science Committee – Science for Peace Programme. Funding: €86,600.

  • Three-terminal Thermoconductor Based Power Sensors and their Metrological and Industrial Applications (CIPA - CP94-0197, CP94-1113) 1995-1998. Funded by: Commission of the European Communities – Cooperation in Science and Technology with Central and Eastern European Countries (COPERNICUS). Funding: ECU 18,200.

  • Awards & Certificates

    ISO 9001+14001 : 2015

    Proof of a capability to design, manufacture and supply quality conforming products and services. Assurance of customer satisfaction by preventing non-conforming products through consistent processes at all stages of design, manufacturing and servicing.

    ISO/IEC 17025 : 2017

    Accreditation for performing calibration of digital voltmeters, amperemeters, ohmmeters, wattmeters, static electricity meters, instrument voltage and current transformers