Software Package ELMA

Complete software package for electricity meter testing and calibration

  • User friendly programs for Microsoft Windows

  • Network support in distributed systems: client / server communication with central database via any type of computer network

  • Multilingual user interface with predefined and user definable dictionaries enables immediate national and regional implementation

  • Simple switch of display format from global characteristics of the process to detailed results on any meter

  • Simple input of meter parameters, user defined tests, sequences, addresses and user friendly operations with respective databases

  • User defined test limits with support of IEC standards and local regulations

  • Graphic representation of measurement results, deviations and curves

  • Free defined output documents for Microsoft Office

  • Support of mobile terminals for manual or barcode data acquisition

  • Possibility of any harmonic content definition in measuring power signals

  • Support of data exchange with electronic meters

  • Simultaneous test of meters with different constants

    • Evaluation of archives
    • Sorting and printing according to various criteria

Software Package ELMA is dedicated for electricity meter testing and calibration. The package contains routines for control of hardware, data acquisition, evaluation of measurements, meter data exchange, output of documents, data archiving, data analyses and system maintenance.

Operation of PTE with ELMA Software