High-Precision Coulometry Equipment

  • Coulometry is a direct method of measurement with the potential of being primary. The presented equipment consisting of Current Source, Indication Unit and optional Valve Unit offers effective means to set up a high-precision coulometric system. The structured SCPI compatible command language and the MENU oriented access to all functions and the large LCD ensures user-friendly operation and system integration.

  • Current Source
    The precision Current Source with exceptional stability equipped with integrated precision timer is capable to generate electric current with precision timing up to 100.000.000 seconds with 1 ┬Ás resolution.

  • Indication Unit
    The microprocessor controlled Indication Unit serves for both potentiometric and amperometric end-point detection with superior resolution and stability.

  • Valve Unit
    This optional unit is equipped with 8 built-in valves. The unit enables any user defined setting of valves and state of electrical power output. The power output serves as power supply for magnetic stirrer. The unit is programmed with ASCII commands via RS-232 interface.