Meter Handling System

Handling system for electricity meter testing and calibration

  • The modular design of the stand system permits building of various capacity test equipments in accordance with laboratory requirements.

  • The stand system may consist of up to four stands. Each of the stands has a capacity for evaluation of up to 20 electricity meters, either single-phase or poly-phase, 10 meters on one side.

  • Construction of the system enables customized placement to fit any laboratory area for easy handling and optimal meters calibration and testing.

  • The movable trolleys permit easy handling and optimal processing of technological operations.

  • The trolleys can be equipped with single-phase or poly-phase quick connection mechanism.

  • The manual wiring system for single-phase, two-phase and three-phase meters can handle up to 120 A.

  • The trolleys can be equipped with optional Precision Electronically Compensated Transformers (CMR-I or CMR-U), enabling simultaneous testing of meters with interconnected voltage and current circuits.

  • The mobile system is dedicated to fully automated electronic equipment ELMA or to a partial modernization of existing electromechanical systems.

  • Static versions of various capacity meter handling systems are also available.

The Meter Handling System is composed of a set of movable trolleys and fixed stands network. The system is utilized for convey and connection of tested meters for technological operations. The system is capable to handle single-phase two-wire and three-wire meters, as well as two-phase and three-phase meters. Connection can either be quick-acting for particular types of unified meters or universal for all types of electricity meters. The system is facilitating and optimizing technological and metrological processes in adjustment and calibration of electricity meters, avoiding necessity of reconnection or relocation of the meters during adjustment and testing procedures.