Hand-Held Unit

Cable-free hand-held data acquisition unit

  • Intuitive user friendly work using clear structure of menus and dialogs

  • Multilingual operation with user access to internal dictionary enables worldwide operation

  • User defined configuration of workplace layout enables optimization of operator's route in extensive systems

  • Independent data banks enable to share data from independent systems

  • High computing power for data acquisition, data manipulation and visualization

  • High quality color graphic display enables transparent data representation in form of text, graphs and pictures

  • Ergonomic keyboard design with optional 28, 38 or 48 alpha numerical keys

  • Hardware is designed even for industrial applications where enhanced endurance in difficult climatic conditions and shock and downfall resistance is required

  • Integrated laser barcode scanner enables very effective way of collecting data and supports all barcode types used in industry and market

  • Software HHS
    • Intuitive user friendly work using clear structure of menus and dialogs
    • manual or automatic barcode meter identification data collection
    • verification of meter constant
    • starting current test
    • creepage test (no-load)
    • local meter data evaluation
    • user-friendly data exchange with the main control unit

The Hand-Held Unit is used for data acquisition, evaluation and meter test system support. Unit is based on Applied Precision's software dedicated for Motorola MC 3000 series hardware.