Half Wave Rectifier

Direct current and even harmonics test unit

  • Half Wave mode - The input current is split - the negative half wave flows through the Section 1 and the positive half wave flows through the Section 2

  • Normal mode (Half Wave Disabled) - Both sections are connected in series and the input current flows through both sections

  • Ideal zero-voltage switch

  • Low power loss

  • Simple functionality modification

Half Wave Rectifier is designed for meter testing according to IEC 62053-21 Appendix A.1 - Half wave rectification (d. c. and even harmonics).
The Half Wave Rectifier HWR 1x12B is a single phase (HWR 1112B) and three phase (HWR 1312B) device which acts as an ideal diode with null-voltage switch and negligible power loss. The device enables to test single or three-phase meters up to 120A. It requires division of tested meters into two equal sections. The sections are fed by the opposite half-wave. Due to null-voltage switch principle the symmetry of the load impedance is not critical for exact power split and therefore for the measurement accuracy. The Half Wave Rectifier acts as a linear device and does not affect the current source signal distortion.